In everyone’s life, there is at least one “Tipping Point.” It’s a time when you have an epiphany that you must do something different or something happened that forces you to make a change. Hopefully, you recognize it. It is a place of no return. A time when you realize that if you don’t make that change your life will be changed without your consent. It is a time to course-correct, a time to take another path and use the knowledge of this gift to do things differently. It is a time that defines the rest of your life.

We are at that point for the world. The question is Will you rely on someone else to define the course of humanity and your life or will you be an instrument in creating a new and better world for everyone and yourself.

I wrote a post titled “United States or Divided States?” a few years ago because I wanted to point out how government creates separation and division, especially apparent in how Republicans and Democrats fail to do what is necessary for the good of the country and their divisiveness is so apparent in how we have become separated into “Blue” vs. “Red” states. We even create walls in Congress with Republicans on one side of the room and the Democrats on the other side. What example does that set for us? Just one of how to create division and separation.

Can you imagine running a company where we put blue people on the left and red people on the right and ask them to work together? If you want them to work together then create an atmosphere and a place that unites them. Yet this is exactly what we don’t have in our political system.

It is time to stop dividing ourselves by ethnicity, creed, color, height, weight, gender, city, state, county, country, religion, economics, social status, education, and more. In fact, we have devised more ways to divide ourselves than finding ways to unite ourselves.

Somehow, you believe that the side you are on is better than where someone else is. That what you believe and what you do sets you apart and therefore you are superior to those who don’t agree with you or are different from you. The truth is that what you believe and how you do things is right for you and no one else must do things how you do them. In fact, without diversity, nothing gets created.

It is time to obliterate these boundaries and confines. It is time that you recognize that we’re all in the same boat. You are on the same orb floating in space traveling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour as the rest of humanity. And what you do affects you and everyone else.

It is proven that people from diverse backgrounds, education, abilities, ages, levels of income and more that we can work together and come up with a plan that works better than anything we presently have or will ever get based on history and the continued lack of recognizing that we are one and the same. That if you and I remove the “Meat suit” that we wear we are exactly the same and truly want the same things and are entitled to, at minimum, the basic needs and quality of life.

We are at that “Tipping Point” and what we do next will determine our fate. It’s time to remove the pesticides from our food supply, it’s time to use alternative fuels and step away from mining fossil fuels, it’s time to end all wars, it’s time to respect one another and do what’s good for everyone and know that only love of your fellow human being will save humanity.

It is time for real change in what you do and how you do it. Change your thinking, change the words you use, change your actions and let your thoughts, words and actions demonstrate love for others and yourself. Because it is your actions that will determine developing new habits and it is these habits that will determine your character and it is your character that will determine a life that is either filled with hope, peace and love or not.

Blessings and Love to All.