The Undoing of Life

As most of us realize, nature works perfectly without the intervention of man because each part of life has its designated function.  There is not one part of creation that does not affect the well-being of the other; each part depends on the well-being of all other parts.  All creatures of nature are independent and inter-dependent of one another. To overpower, manipulate or destroy another because you can, is surely the way to destroy yourself.  Man must fully recognize and appreciate this idea or principle or we will all perish.

Yes, we may be at the top of the food chain, but being on top comes with great responsibility. Being at the top of anything presents us with an obligation to lead. To be a leader we must lead by example and to make sure that our prime directive is to be sure that everyone and everything thrives, not just survives.

As a primary example there are companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute products that they know are not safe or healthy and are harmful to man and the environment, just so they can make a profit.  While we blame the company, as if it is a sentient being that has command over us, it is the people running the company who make these decisions. How is it that these same people ignore the fact that they will also be affected by these harmful products? How can they believe that they are outside of this circle and that these products will not affect their families, friends and co-workers?

We may all agree that profits are necessary, however greed should not override the obligation of producing something that will not be harmful to any species and the environment. The “what” you do is one thing; the “how” you do it is another. What you are doing is making a product of which the sales and profits will support the people who work there and the investors.  How you make the product and how it affects others is at the root of a great company.

Trying to manipulate and shape the world out of greed and for power can have dire consequences? All around us, with just a quick view of the news you see the results. What are we actually achieving? We use profits as an excuse and put money on a pedestal to worship as we manipulate people and resources, which threatens our environment wreaking havoc and destruction on the planet and ourselves.