Make a Plan

Creating a powerful action plan always begins with having a clear purpose, vision or goal in mind.



Goals are designed to take you from wherever you are right now directly to the accomplishment of your stated goal. 



Most people are dominated by self-limiting beliefs, but when you master a “success mindset”, you can then create success from the inside out.



The more you play the better you get and the greater your chances of winning. Like life, experience and education play an important role. But so does your attitude and mindset. Do you have a plan and do you follow through?  Do you calculate the risks or do you just wing it? Are you flexible, adaptable, committed and focused? And are you playing defense or offense?

Every move you make takes knowledge, resources and experience. You must visualize the outcome and remain calm in facing difficult decisions. Overall it takes Wisdom, strong relationships and a mentor.

Even a chess master has a Mentor.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve want you want is to have a relationship with someone who can listen, find solutions and help you implement a successful strategy.

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There are endless paths and choices, but which one is the right one for you, right now?

As a Renaissance man I have owned companies, been in executive management, studied everything from science to spirituality and religions to psychology and marketing. I’ve lived in cities from New York to California and visited many parts of the world.

I‘ve experienced life at its best and at its worst. Through all of this I’ve gained tremendous experience and wisdom. It is these moments, my education, my decades of experience and having guides who showed me how to recover, how to be the “Phoenix” rising out of the ashes that I can share with you so you will find success, peace and happiness.

It starts with a DREAM, then a PLAN, then it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Time is not on your side, your days and your life are passing whether you are doing or not doing. And INDECISION is giving your power to someone else.

Are you ready to get to the next level and have less stress getting there?
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I will work with you to identify your specific goals, strengths and areas of opportunity. And as we develop a relationship I will gain a deeper understanding of what course of action best suits your goals, personality and strengths.

Personal Mentoring

Personal mentoring or coaching can help you focus and achieve your goals. As your coach, I will work with you to identify your specific goals, strengths and areas of opportunity.


Business Mentoring

Whether you are a well-established company looking to get to that next level or you’re an entrepreneur or startup that needs help getting started.


Group Mentoring

Group sessions, whether online or at a designated location are about finding solutions to be healthier, have better relationships, creating success and overall well-being.   



My passion is to spread love and peace, for all of us to have great relationships and to teach others how to do the same, which brings more love and peace to the world. I am unwavering, enthusiastic and driven in practicing what I teach and write about and showing you the benefits and the rewards of being healthy in mind, body and spirit and how your relationships effect everything you do, to how healthy, happy and successful your life can be.

Who will help you NAVIGATE through the forest?

Some paths I chose didn’t always work out, but those choices taught me some valuable lessons about myself and my actions and what it takes to be successful in business and life. 

your life is meant to be harmonious and whealthy.

Yes, I mean WHealthy. A combination of Wealth and Health. Just like a philharmonic orchestra with its multitude of instruments learns to play in harmony and create incredible, beautiful sounds for the audience it takes skill and leadership to learn how to create harmony in your life; with your relationships, your finances, and your health.

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is… a form of insanity!”

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