When it comes to living a peaceful, happy, successful, significant and harmonious life consider what you do, what you’re able to do and what you’re willing do. Remember that everything you do is all about how you think, because it is only your thoughts that manifest everything in your life.


Lack of feeling secure or experiencing fear and anxiety will cause mental and physical illness. For us to feel better and feel secure there are three main areas to address.

  • Finances – Having the confidence that you are not going to lose your job or your house.
  • Health – Is learning to eat properly and get the right nutrition so your body will look after you for years to come.
  • Safety – Having a comfortable place to stay in living in an area where you feel reasonably safe walking the streets or living with a partner that looks after you and won’t harm you.


Life is unpredictable and uncertain and we need to be able to control our emotions and to rebound as quickly as possible. When adversity strikes here are a few ways to manage any hardship.

  • Control – Is learning to check your motions and understanding how to act and not react. How and when to be assertive and how to make the right decisions by accepting what you can influence and what is in your control.
  • Relax – When the unexpected happens it is not the end of the world and there is always a way out. Relaxing allows you to think clearly and not act hastily.
  • Focus – Don’t get distracted and look at all the other parts of your life that are going well, breathe, assess the situation and if need be get help from a trusted source.


Significance is not about being number one, it is about feeling accepted and valued at work, or with family or friends. How do you maintain that feeling of acceptance?

  • Groups – Join or start a group this could be anything that you enjoy doing that will connect you with like-minded people. A good way is to start or join a Meetup group.
  • Volunteer – Consider volunteering for something that is important to you.
  • Donate – Give your time or money to a cause that you align with.


Everyone needs some alone time to read, write, study, listen to music or watch whatever is important or just to reflect on your life’s experiences. Here’s what to consider:

  • Space – Find a place where you feel secure and where you will not be disturbed. It could be indoors or outdoors.
  • Quiet – To be relaxed your space should be free of distractions. Consider leaving your phone at home or at least turn it off.
  • Meditate – To really get in touch with yourself learn how to meditate. It is calming, soothing, freeing and contributes to your overall mental and physical health and well-being.


We all need a special connection to one or more people. This could be a friendship, a love interest or someone to share fun times. It’s a way to share your ideas, hopes, and dreams with at least one other person. Here’s how to find that type of connection.

  • Importance – Someone who values who you are.
  • Appreciation – Someone who understands you and is willing to listen.
  • Laughter – Someone who you can laugh with and share stories with.
  • Attention – Someone who you can talk to about your future, about where you’re going and your passions. Try to avoid talking about day-to-day issues such as money work or the kids.


Harmony is about paying attention to all parts of your life. Your life is just like an orchestra. An orchestra has many instruments playing at the same time that each one plays at the right time and the right note to have a complete and pleasing sound. It is the same for you. If you skip paying attention any of these parts of your life the sound you produce, the quality of your music will not be very pleasing. Here’s what you need to pay attention to, to have harmony.

  • Relationships – Are about spending time and paying attention to people in your life whether it is your significant other, children, parents or friends.
  • Health – Means eating right, exercising or getting the right amount of quality rest.
  • Finances – Are balancing what you need against what you want. It’s too easy to buy now and pay later. Consider the future consequences of that mentality.
  • Spirituality – While it is not the same and doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone is about your connection to a higher source, having faith that all will be well and being centered to allow a certain peace to flow over you knowing that we are all one.


Success is not about how financial rich you are and is not the same for everyone. It is not about you measuring up to another. Success in life has to do with how you feel about yourself and how you measure up to your own standards. Here’s what success looks like.

  • Confidence – It is about using your abilities and seeing that you are making progress in life and achieving things.
  • Purpose – Is what you’re doing in alignment with your thoughts. That you are headed in the right direction and that the future you see for yourself is on track.
  • Achievement – It’s that feeling that you’ve accomplished something, anything that you started and completed. It could be a primary or secondary goal. It could be your vocation or your avocation. Achieving any goals set whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly goal will provide meaning to your life and set you up to achieve long-term goals

Finally, don’t be so rigid in your thoughts about your life. Be willing to make changes and be flexible and adaptable. Life is to be experienced and what you want today may not be what you want, need or desire tomorrow. Keep an open mind, be generous with yourself and others, always do your best and infuse love into everything you do.