The word “Wealth” comes from the Old English words “weal” meaning well-being and “th” meaning condition. In essence your wealth is about how well you feel and how well you are doing. True “WHealth,” is an acronym meaning Wisdom, Health, Education, Appreciation, Love, Togetherness and Happiness. And it is a code word for HARMONY and HARMONY is when your health, your finances, your mentality, your physicality, your spirituality and your relationships all get the attention necessary for an abundant and fulfilled life.

Physical WHealth

Financial WHealth

Mental WHealth

   Your health is more important than your financial wealth. Without good health you can’t really enjoy your money and surely much of your finances will be spent on getting well.

   So how do you stay healthy or become healthy if you are not ?

  • As they say you are what you eat so what are you eating?
  • Do you take time to meditate and actually relax?
  • Supplements are necessary. Are they the right amount and of the highest quality?
  • Are you getting the correct amount of exercise?
  • Are you getting enough quality, restful sleep?
  • Are you using products on your skin or in your home that do not have toxic ingredients?

   These are just a few questions that must be addressed to remain Healthy

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   While money is not the primary source of your well-being it is important and of course most of us want a considerable sum of money to have less worry and fear about living well today and into the future.

   There are a number of ways to become Wealthy and secure your future, but many of us don’t think about the future as much as we think about what we want now until it’s too late.

  • Are you allocating your money wisely?
  • Do you know how to make a lifestyle budget?
  • Have you set specific financial goals.
  • Did you know your health can determine your wealth?
  • Are your mortgage payments in line with your income?
  • Do you really need that now?
  • Are you spending on experiences or things?

   These are just a few questions that need to be answered before you can move forward to earning what you desire and having a secure financial future.

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   Like your physical health your mental health is vital to achieving overall WHealth. Your state of mind, your ability to think and your mental outlook are the key to having true well-being.

   Your thoughts create everything. No thought nothing is created. Nothing can come into being without a thought. Here’s a great example of “You are what you think.”

  • Watch your Thoughts because they become your  Words, so think loving thoughts.
  • Watch your Words because they become your Actions, so speak with love.
  • Watch your Actions because they become your Habits, so act with love.
  • Watch your Habits because they will become your Character, so make all of your habits loving.
  • Watch you Character because it will become your Destiny, so others will know you as a loving, caring person.

   If your thoughts that lead to your actions are holding you back from having great relationships, a better job, better health, a better connection to a higher source, or more financial wealth it’s probably time to make some changes. Take the test and see what your strengths and weaknesses are and make those changes necessary to take control of your life!