This workbook is about learning how to love yourself and others and create amazing relationships for more harmony, peace, love and success. 

Did you know that your beliefs, your actions and how you interact with others is formed in the first 7 years of life? And the struggles you have with family, friends or at work is a direct result of what happened then and may continue to plague you now.

It’s not often that you can find ways to understand who you are, why you act like you do and why some relationships work and others don’t, without going to a therapist or get counseling, but this is your opportunity to go deeper and perhaps find some answers. You may still need outside help from a professional, but it is our hope that these questions and our experience and knowledge will help you so you can have more peace, love and happiness in your life.

   What is Love exactly? I’m sure you believe you know what love is, but I assure you, you probably haven’t truly experienced all the many aspects of love as you will in the next 21 Days. As each day brings another way for you to touch someone with love, and find that you are love as well.

   Love according to the Greeks, and the Bible comes in many forms. The Greeks and the Bible talk about Agape, Storge, Phileo and Eros love.  Psychologists add three more types of love with Pragma, Ludus and Philautia.  But what does all of this mean and is it the love you need to be fulfilled?

   Join me on a 21 Day journey that will make your life and those around you more joyful, uplifting and magnificent. I look forward to your following this path that will bring you more LOVE! You deserve this and so does the world.

    My first book, the one that changed my direction. The book that I channeled to help me move forward to travel the path I was meant to from birth.  I asked why didn’t you give me this to write sooner in my life? The obvious answer was that I was not ready. I didn’t have enough experience or wisdom to give the world what we all need to know. And that is the importance being the best version of yourself as God intended.

    To reach more people it was important to start the guide with showing the relationship between Quantum Physics and Spirituality (Spirituality for me, meant God) and how they are on the same page in how the world began…THE BIG BANG!

     As you travel down this road that is sometimes circuitous, you will connect with something else you read that will give you that AHA moment. You will begin to understand how YOU affect and impact your life, but also the positive impact you will make in the world.

Remember your foundation for doing everything must be based in LOVE.