“That love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.” – Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

   What is Love exactly? I’m sure you believe you know what love is, but I assure you, you probably haven’t truly experienced all the many aspects of love as you will in the next 21 Days. As each day brings another way for you to touch someone with love, and find that you are love as well.

   Love according to the Greeks, and the Bible comes in many forms. The Greeks and the Bible talk about Agape, Storge, Phileo and Eros love.  Psychologists add three more types of love with Pragma, Ludus and Philautia.  But what does all of this mean and is it the love you need to be fulfilled?

   As we know Love can be magical, it can even cure us physically and mentally. I have experienced its power. The feelings of love we have for a significant other, parents, siblings and children are important but, just as important is understanding the power of love and how it transforms our lives, our relationships with everyone and even impacts the whole world.

   When you discover how to love yourself and the pleasure you derive from loving others, that’s everyone, it’s changes how you live, what you do, how you do it and more than anything what you will achieve. Love is the energy that ties everything together…and everything falls apart without it. 

   Join me on a 21 Day journey that will make your life and those around you more joyful, uplifting and magnificent. I look forward to your following this path that will bring you more LOVE! You deserve this and so does the world.

“We make a living by what we do; we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

   Released in May 2018 is the 2nd Edition where about 30% of the content has changed to reflect new found knowledge and more proof of how things work.

   Now I’m sure you’ve made many shifts in your life from changing careers to finding a new relationship or perhaps moving across country. However, the shift I’m talking about is a shift in your thinking, a shift in how you play at life and how you act.

   I’ll provide you with a scientific and spiritual view of how the universe works and affects you and me.

   Making a “Quantum Shift” is like having an epiphany, a moment when you realize that you can make changes to have a better more fulfilled life. You’ll  get a new perspective, see life differently and you will look at the many aspects of you, your relationships, and your business to find the real you and the key to making sustained changes. It all starts with understanding and recognizing yourself for who you really are and what motivates you. 

   Now is the time for a re-awakening.  It is a time to re-create your life, to let go of the past, and embrace this evolution of positive change and creating harmony by taking 100% responsibility for everything you do and to accelerate your own awakening.