Arthur Tassinello

Author, Consultant, Coach, Minister, Humanitarian

   Want to know me, just Google my name. However, to really know me you would have had to grow up with me. I‘ve never been comfortable “tooting my own horn” as it can come off as being egotistical or even worse as a narcissist? The fact is that my life has been anything but boring. I’ve moved throughout the U.S. numerous times and have been in 2 dozen industries in sales, marketing and operations. Bringing companies and customers together by creating synergy. 

   Over the last 12 years I’ve written 2 books, consulted businesses, and coached people. In addition, I have studied many religions, spiritual teachings and almost everything that relates to how we think, to our body systems so I can understand myself better and to help you. I love learning, exploring, and experiencing everything about life. 

   My passion is to bring more love and peace to the world. I am unwavering, enthusiastic and driven in practicing and teaching how to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. I write and speak about subjects that change lives and the world. My greatest satisfaction comes from mentoring you about the many ways you can find success and have harmony in your life.

So, “Who am I?” I think you’ll get a better sense of that by reading what other people say about me, because the “Who I Am” is more important than the “What I have done.”

“Arthur is a dedicated professional who strives to help others by using his knowledge and experience for both clients and colleagues to help them be successful.”

– Mary West

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Who Am I?

   “Arthur and I worked side-by-side at Westec during the kickoff of this exciting venture. He exuded tremendous professionalism, care, and attention to detail on all of the partner projects with which he was involved. Arthur was passionate about his role and how it related to the larger picture. He worked hard to insure that both Westec and the companies we partnered with always received a “win-win” in every joint venture, whether a trade event, new product development effort, or specialized marketing project. Arthur has great interpersonal and management skills, and leveraged them extensively. I am in a complimentary industry today, and I constantly get asked how Arthur is doing, from well-wishers we worked with.”

Larry North

   “Arthur Tassinello is probably the most inspiring and motivating individual that I know! He puts others needs first before his own and helps drive others to success! I sincerely recommend Arthur Tassinello as a contact, you will not be disappointed!”

Barb Cleveland

   “Arthur is someone who doesn’t understand doing for himself, he is all about doing for others! Thank you for all your support and assistance throughout the years ”

Yvette Herrera

   “Arthur’s coming on board as interim CEO for TCS was a great choice as I was concerned with replacing the present management. However, Arthur not only immediately stepped in and removed my fears, he also molded the business into a “Five Star” operation.  I am grateful for his ability in grasping the scope of work that needed to be done, and quickly reducing costs, streamlining the operation, and increasing our sales, and profits. He built a strong management team, and fostered employee camaraderie. And he did a great job of mentoring family members to take over the business upon his departure. It was wonderful being associated with him.”

Thomas Arnone

   “I worked with Arthur as a colleague at Westec Interactive Security. Arthur’s natural instinct is inclusion — of co-workers, management and strategic partners. He has the passion and capability to transform that inclusion into excellence in execution. When challenges arose, Arthur was initiating and fostering conversations about solutions. When decisions needed to be made, he was collaborative but decisive. I considered him a valuable teammate who’s vision and perseverance strengthened the organization. Oh, and he has a great sense of humor!”

Randy Smith

   “Arthur has worked for me several times and excelled in both sales and marketing roles. He is a very bright guy who can quickly break down the elements of an issue and determine the best course of action. He is also very personable and a real team player. If I had the right opportunity, I would most definitely hire him again!”

Mike Upp

   “I admire Mr. Arthur Tassinello because of his strong Leadership Quality that everyone should follow. He also dares to stand up in using his right to speak out the truth with his proven responsibility. And the most I like about Mr Arthur is, he is virtually approachable and friendly Leader.”

Mohd Y.

   “Arthur is a focused, detailed business development professional. He is methodical and process driven and particularly good at metrics and ROI models for business startups and large, complicated financially driven product and systems and justification financial models. He is dependable and resourceful with solid diversified experience and knowledge.”

Don Lavoie

 “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 

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